She stands tall.
Straight, with sword in hand.
Holding the scales, determining..
the guilty from the innocent...

But in this instance... in this life...
The scale is unfairly weighted...

Her sword sharp and strong..
She strikes the innocent
Blesses the guilty.

She cares not in her blind state.
When hearing the cry's of the innocent...
She assumes the guilty.

The innocent look ahead at the prosperity...
of the guilty.
As they are wasted in their state.

Anger sets in from Depression..
As the innocents struggle to live while the guilty thrives..
The innocents begin to disbelieve in Justice as Virtues become
bitter poison...
A pill they continue to swallow...
A religious exercise...

Hope, of what someday may come true.
That the scales may be weighted true
The blindfold on her eye's would be removed...
To see the devastation.

At least, for once, may the sword fall...
on the guilty.
only once...




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Opening the book,
pages smooth to the touch
clean and crisp...
The aroma of pages fills my nostrils.

Reading the words...
Speaking them out loud
Running over my mind like water in a brook...
Smooth and peaceful.

I turn the pages... the next chapter draws near..

I relish in the plot... I enjoy the excitement with the chapters climax..

Reading along... I turn the page....

The unknown end to the chapter draws near

I turn the page...

As the current chapter lows... I feel the end draw near..
Anticipation of loss and gain
Fear & regret from the past
hope for the future...

I turn the page...

The end of this chapter is here...
I fear of the chapters before me...
how long... till I can close this book???

I turn the page...


My Dog


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He sits waiting...
at the door
For the sound of my feet.
His loyal stance...
patient and kind.

He walks and runs by my side.
A constant companion
and never hides...
always there..
Faithful and True.

As I sleep...
he stays on guard throughout the night..
watching and waiting...
Always looking back at me..
Always checking on me..
Always at my feet..
Always protecting me..

Through the past year,
when the tears fall down my face...
He is there.
Through the pain...
He is there.............
He is there, comforting me in my darkest hour..

When the days come,
that he will go home.
When I hold his paw and look deep into his eye.
I will always remember... My Dog...
Thank you River...

Standing Alone

With no Home.

The Statue remains,

Amongst Ruins.

Over grown vines

cover the statues view



In the Statues place

Feeling the pain

The Statue cries

Remembering a time when the 3 three men cared for his land.

So beautiful and bright.

But it has turned to night.

A forever moon,

Shines across the shadows.

Stuck frozen in time.

The Statue remains

Hoping to break free

To live in the light once more.

Love Failing
The wind blows
The trees flow
against the backdrop
of a newly painted sky

She strokes gently
against the canvas
to the beat of a drum

If you are quiet enough
you can hear love hum
to the beat of a drum

thump... thump... thump...

Time flows through loves hand
winding its tight grip
to every stroke

As the beautiful picture
births in loves view
Time tightens its grip

The hands become sore
causing scores
deep & hidden
the scores remain

Soon what becomes
Turns into waste
As Love is bound by Times fate
Love's blind eye's..
Leaving a scarred once beautiful piece
on Life's floor
Trampled & Dirty

There it lays.... Fulfilling Times Fate

The boy sits in heaven
with all things in place
knowing of his beautiful fate

He sits viewing the pleasant scenery
where he will play
within heavens eternal gates

Everything set,
everything right
He stare's wondering at all the bright lights

As the infinite time passes
Darkness creeps in
the boy uncertain of his fate
Darkness pulls him into the car
Driving fast far away

The boy screams for the King
but silence is the only sound he hears
fulfilling all of his fears

Trapped with in the car
He cry's as eternity stay's
As he is violently pulled away

Forced against his will
to pain that fills
staring out the glass window
tears speaking... will he return to heaven one day?